5 tricks to perfume your house




The perfume of our home is that sweet fragrance that welcomes us when we come home and that soothes us because of its familiarity. Plantes et Parfums de Provence brings you five tips to perfume your home, grouped in three categories: decorative, discreet and invisible.


The decorative

Some of those five tricks have a double fonction : The perfume diffuser and the scented candle will both scent your home all day long while adorning it with a new and authentic charm, each bringing its own aestheticism.


The perfume diffusers

Home fragrances, the diffusers have the particularity of embalming a room from a set of rattan rods, dipped in a bottle of perfume. Due to capillary action, the fragrances then diffuse into the surrounding air and can be enjoyed for up to 30 days before the rods are turned over for another month of fragrance.

Combining elegance and simplicity , the perfume diffuser will easily find its place in your home, whether it is a fragrant bouquet or an aromatic flower.

If both come in a bottle, the first uses straight or curved rattan rods (prestige bouquet) and the second exhales its perfume thanks to a paper flower bud.

The benefit is that you can refill the perfume bottle thanks to a diffuser refill without having to buy a brand new diffuser set. So you can get the same perfume Dream of Lin, with fruity notes mixed with powdery white flower fragrances. But curiosity could bring you another time Under the fig tree, to enjoy the suave and aromatic bouquet promised by green grass combined with notes of oak, thyme and cistus.


The scented candles

Diffusing both a soft warmth and a shy luminosity, the candle creates a reassuring and warm atmosphere that will fit perfectly for the winter days. This peaceful moment can also be the opportunity to delicately perfume your house. Even extinguished the fragrances created will float around for many hours.

Made of pure cotton wick and vegetable wax, our candles don’t create any soot and can therefore be enjoyed without any risk. So you can close your eyes and escape to the Oriental Wood, for example.



Bouquet aromatique bois d'orient - Plantes & ParfumsThe discreet

There are more discreet and accessible scents such as the essential oils or the lavender sachets.


Essential oils

Pure and natural, they are generally used in really small doses because of the power of their fragrance. They can be used to create an interesting home fragrance from a few drops diluted in water or on pebbles placed around the house.


Lavender sachets

Although they are not intended to scent the whole room, lavender sachets are used to keep moths and the musty smell away. Colored sachets or even lavender flowers bouquet) are then placed in the cupboard, on the shelf, in the wardrobe, in the drawers or even in the pile of clothes.



The invisible

They are sprays to be diffused either in rooms or in specific areas to provide instant freshness and fragrance to counteract unpleasant odors.


Home fragrance

From Silk Veil and Snowy Walk to By the fireside and Sand Flower, you can dress each room its own fragrance. Note, however, that the effectiveness of the spray depends on spraying towards the ceiling.


The mist

To be sprayed, at more than thirty centimeters from the targeted zone, the mist is used to perfume cushions, sheets and bedding (Pillow Mist) but also clothes and wardrobes (Wardrobe Mist), to which you can add the scents of Cotton Flower or Spring Dream for example.


Plantes et parfums de Provence guarantees you home fragrances made from natural products picked and tested by the perfumer of Grasse. Their fragrances will sublimate your interior.


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