How do I take care of my scented candle?

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Lighting up a scented candle is like getting yourself a true moment of pure sweetness. The flame of the candle warms the heart while the different scents make us escape reality. But how do we take care of our scented candle and its scents ? How do we preserve the intensity of the candle for as long as possible ? Plantes et Parfums gives you all its secrets in order to enjoy the fragrances of your scented candles. 


The first steps to maintain your scented candle

Once you have chosen the fragrance of your scented candle, you want to find the enchanting scent that seduced you in the shop. Start by lighting your candle. Know that the first gesture is crucial. When you light your candle for the first time whether it’s scented or decorative, you want it to burn for at least an hour. This will prevent tunneling and keep the wax surface smooth and even. Let the natural cotton ick burn until the plant wax has melted to the rim of the container. 

In order to ensure that your candle lasts and that its wax and combustion are uniform, you must protect it from draughts. Optimise the burning of your candle by checking that the flame remains straight. If it does not, place it in a place where it is protected from draughts. The flame should not waver, but should remain vertical.


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Good habits to keep your scented candles alive

It is important to regularly cut the wick of your candle. Ideally, it should be 0.5 cm long. So remember to systematically cut the blackened end of the wick of your candle. This will prevent the emission of smoke and soot, while ensuring a slower and more even burn. 

Don't hesitate to dip the end of the wick in the still-melted wax, as this will help it to light up again. By adopting these simple gestures, you will be able to enjoy the sweet fragrances of your Delicacies, Butter Caramel or Under The Fig Tree scented candles even longer…


The right way to extinguish and store scented candles

Extinguish your candle with a snuffer or dip the wick into the wax. But never blow out the flame! This is the best way to create soot.

As far as storing your scented candle is concerned, make sure you keep it away from the elements. If it is too close to a window, the sun can melt the wax. In the open air, the candle will fill up with dust that could prevent it from burning again. You can then store them in a metal box or under a glass bell jar, which will bring an additional decorative appeal to your home.

Light a Plantes et Parfums natural candle and let yourself be carried away by the moment. Plantes et Parfums takes you on a journey to the delicate land of fragrances and scents.


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