How long can a scented candle stay lit ?


The simple fact of lighting a scented candle can make you travel.

Indeed, it allows to create a warm atmosphere in a room, to bring a soft light in a bathroom or to diffuse a perfume in your interior. 

On the other hand, they do not have the power to be eternal and end up being consumed entirely. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to enjoy the benefits of candles for as long as possible. In this article, we will explain how long a candle can stay lit and how to maintain it to prolong its life.


bougie parfumée cire végétale Musc BlancIdeally, how long should a candle stay lit?

Our natural candles are made from 100% vegetable wax and are handcrafted in our factory located in Provence. There are different scents of scented candles (Cotton Flower, By the Fireside …) and sizes that can vary (between 75 and 180 grams).

Ideally, a candle should remain lit between 2h30 and 3 hours, but never more than 4 hours. Generally speaking, the candle should burn sufficiently so that the entire surface is liquid. 

It is also necessary to check that the candle burns evenly. To do this, always remember to place your candle on a flat, well-balanced surface, away from draughts. Before lighting your candle, always make sure to remove the residues present in the container (metal candle or glass candle), in order not to disturb the combustion.


What are the precautions to take when using candles?

Here are some precautions to take into account before lighting a candle : 

To make sure that the candle does not give off black smoke, avoid placing it in a draft at all costs. 

As for the wick of the candle, check before each use that it is not too long. Ideally, it should measure about 0.5 cm. Otherwise, don't hesitate to cut it.

Finally, always keep lit candles out of reach of your children and pets. Never leave them unattended and always extinguish them before leaving the room.


Tips to extend the life of your candles

To preserve the life of your candle, it is important to take care of it. There are a few simple things you can do on a daily basis to enjoy its delicious fragrance for a longer time.

In order to preserve its natural color, avoid exposing your candle directly to strong light. Candles are very sensitive to temperature changes. Ideally, you should be able to store them in a temperate area.

If the wick of your candle leans towards the wax bath, wait until your candle has cooled down completely and re-center the wick with pliers. 

Finally, in order to preserve all the sweetness of its fragrance, it is advisable to protect your candle from dust by placing it under a glass cover.

By applying these few tips, you are sure to enjoy your scented candle. For even more pleasure, don't hesitate to consult our whole range of scented candles which exist in different scents: sweet, fruity, floral or spicy. 


So, for which one will you melt?


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