In order to find the ideal candle to offer, you must either know the person, or let yourself be guided by instinct, or offer a candle of great quality.


Know the person and choose a personalized gift


The ideal candle to give will not be the same depending on the person you give it to. If you know the person and their tastes, it is true that this option is the most comfortable and easiest. For a very close person such as a parent, a child, you already know their taste, what they like but also what they doesn’t. It is therefore easy to orient yourself towards certain scented candles.


If you want to offer a candle to a friend who is used to wear perfume with vanilla, offer her a vanilla scented candle. The Sweet Vanilla scented plant candle will be perfect. For the people who appreciate sweet and fruity flavors, select without hesitation the fruity and greedy scented candles such as the Lemon Meringue scented plant candle or the Peach Vine scented plant.


There are scented plant candles for all personalities and sensitivities : woody, spicy, floral, fresh, fruity or even gourmet scents ... You have a large panel of choices to make the perfect  personalized gift to your friend.



Offer a candle by letting your instinct guide you


You want to make a gift, you want to choose a scented candle but you don't know which one to choose among the many fragrances available ? Follow your instinct. Cylindrical candles are always very popular. They can be used as a scented candle and/or as a decorative candle.


Don't focus too much on the person themselves, but rather think about the occasion for which you want to give a scented candle. Is it a birthday ? A birth ? A New Year's Eve party ? A housewarming party?


Also think about the season, the weather or the temperature.


For the summer, the plant scented candles with fresh fragrances are ideal, such as the Under The Fig Tree scented candle or the Garden of Eden scented candle. These will bring a note of freshness in your home.


For the winter and its long evenings by the fire or the preparations of Christmas, the scented candles Gold Myrrh and Incense will bring a warm note to your interior. Moreover, the Gold Myrrh and Incense candles are cast in metal boxes in the three colors of precious metals: gold, silver and copper. In winter, we often stay indoors. The lack of light, the cool temperatures, direct us to candles with comforting smells. The Bois Doré scented candle from The Timeless line will warm up the atmosphere.


For the birth or the birthday of a young child, choose the powdered scented candles which are softer and more delicate, as the scented candle Fleur de Coton or the scented candle Rêve de Lin. Their scents are soft and delicate.


Give an exceptional candle


If you don't want to make a mistake and give a very nice gift, choose our high quality candles. All our candles are handmade. Whichever candle you choose, it will be a beautiful decorative object.


For a special event or to offer, choose our candles from The Singulières line. This gift will be very appreciated. The Fleurs des Sables or Jardin Suspendu candles are presented in an immersive decor that will make it a very refined decorative candle.


If you are still hesitating, opt for the purchase of several candles.


Gift sets are also available : Les Singulières 75g 3-candle set will allow you to discover several scents in a single gift.


Finally, the home fragrance gift sets combine a scented plant candle, a scented bouquet and a home fragrance for an exceptional gift.



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