How to recognize a premium quality scented candle ?


Bringing a soft light and evocative scents, scented candles are a good compromise for all the lovers of relaxation and at-home relaxation. However, it is sometimes difficult to choose among the multitude of models available. How to be sure to choose a quality scented candle to embellish your home ? We give you all our tricks to select the scented candle which will bring you a whole satisfaction.


The advantages of a quality candle


There are many candles at low prices, so why choose an expensive candle ? While a quality scented candle will indeed be more expensive, it also has significant advantages for lovers of cocooning evenings and delicate scents.


First of all, the burning time of a quality candle is superior to other candles. Your candle will burn longer and you will enjoy its pleasant scent.


A quality candle is virtually soot-free, so it's convenient for keeping your home decor clean. If your candle emits black smoke or soot particles in the room, it is surely not of quality.


 In addition, the fragrance of a quality candle will not be too strong or too weak. We advise you to choose natural fragrances for your decorative candles. Its fragrance is diffused in a continuous and homogeneous way throughout its combustion.



The ingredients of a quality candle


What defines a quality candle is first of all its raw materials, which should preferably be of natural origin.


The wax of the candle must be premium quality. Indeed, it is it which composes the essence of the candle and which defines its duration of combustion. Three types of wax can be used in a candle :


- Mineral wax, or kerosene wax, is derived from the refining of crude oil. It must be properly synthesized to avoid any health hazards.


- Animal wax is used less and less due to a lack of raw material. Beeswax produced in very small quantities is reserved for artisanal productions.


- Vegetable wax is made from soy, rapeseed, jojoba or rice. It has a good olfactory rendering and enhances the fragrances of the candle.


The wax to be privileged for a scented candle is a wax of vegetable origin  which is more natural and ecological.


The wick of the candle is also an element to take into account to determine the quality of a candle. Synthetic or cotton, it is essential to bring the heat of the flame in the wax of the candle. A premium candle will generally have a cotton wick.


Who says scented candle, says perfume. A quality candle is differentiated by its subtle and properly integrated fragrance in the wax of the candle. This one will be able to smell even before the candle is lit. Like an eau de parfum, the candle will have top, middle and bottom notes that will prolong your olfactory experience.


How to select a candle of quality ?


As we have seen, a quality scented candle is defined according to several criteria. It is not only a decorative candle, but also a candle diffusing a delicate perfume


In the case of picking a candle online, which criteria should you pay attention to in order to make the right choice?


First of all, the choice of the brand will be important to determine the quality of its scented candles. Thus a brand specialized in the perfumes and the scents will be able to offer products of quality.


The perfumes quoted in the description of the candle are important. Thus, the perfumes of Grasse are famous in the whole world and most often synonymous of quality.


A candle with a composition of different fragrance notes will most often be of a higher quality. For example, the Bois Doré scented candle from Plantes & Parfums offers top notes of Rooibos,

Cinnamon and Cardamom, middle notes of Tonka Bean, tobacco leaves and incense and finally, bottom notes of Vetiver, Moss and Spruce. All these fragrant notes create a subtle fragrance that will brighten up your home.


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