How to use our home scents ?


Soothing, relaxing, and well being. The Home Scents have an important role for your house. They bring a unique sensory dimension in each of your rooms and will provide a pleasant feeling every time you walk in.  Scented candles, home fragrances and even the fragrant bouquets will bring a personalized touch to your home. In order to fully enjoy the different fragrances, it is important to know how to use them. Here are a few tips so that you can find what scent suits you the most. 

Which fragrance for which use ?


How to know which fragrance matches the atmosphere of your home ? 

  • If you want to create a perfumed atmosphere in your living room, we recommend the fragrance bouquet. Sophisticated and elegant, it’s a true object of decoration. Thanks to a subtle fragrance , you will bring woody and sweet notes for many days. The fragrant bouquet is ideal in order to diffuse continuously your favorite fragrance. 

  • The Home Fragrance is perfect for the people that wish to precisely dose the scents in their home. With the home fragrance, you can change scent according to your taste and your needs. Fruity notes in the summer or the opposite, spicy notes in the winter. The sprays allow you to personalize the scents depending on the room. For instance we recommend a more cocooning and relaxing scent in the living room, and more fresh notes in the bathroom. 

  • If the fragrances are exclusively dedicated to your well-being and relaxation, pillow mists will become the essential ally for a pleasant bedtime. To be sprayed subtly on your bed linen, so that you fall asleep with the pleasant sensation of a veil of softness and a delicately scented room.

  • Home fragrances can also be a way to create a cocoon of softness and relaxation. The scented candle is the one that best meets this need. With its delicate fragrance, it can fill your home with a comforting scent!

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How to master the use of the home fragrance ? 

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of home scents, you can apply a few tips. The various product ranges dedicated to home fragrances are easy to use. It will only take a few minutes to diffuse an enchanting scent in your home. If you prefer the Scented Candles for your home, you will have to pay close attention to safety. Make sure to place the candles high up out of the reach of kids. Find a safe location to place them. For the Home Fragrance, a simple press is enough to diffuse a pleasant scent. It is therefore unnecessary to spray it repeatedly. In order to enjoy a beautiful and natural scent for as long as possible, remember to air your home daily. 10 to 15 minutes are enough to get fresh and pleasant air, and your home fragrance will be even stronger.



The choice of a fragrance that suits.

Home fragrance reflects the identity of your home and should match your décor and the atmosphere you wish to create.

Multiple fragrances exist and choosing the best for your home is key. Cotton Flower is the ideal fragrance for a fresh and subtle interior atmosphere. Lovers of softer and sweeter fragrances will turn to a scent such as Butter Caramel a sweet scent that we can't resist. Oriental Wood is the perfect fragrance for a warm atmosphere that calls for escape.


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