The Benefits of Donkey Milk

Déjà dans l’Égypte Antique, Cléopâtre prenait des bains de Lait d’Ânesse pour entretenir sa beauté et la jeunesse de sa peau.
Découvrez les nombreux bienfaits du lait d’ânesse, celui que l’on surnomme « l’or blanc des cosmétiques » .

———————————–——–—– The Benefits of Donkey Milk———————————–——–—–

Already in Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra took baths in Donkey Milk to maintain her beauty and the youth of her skin.  Anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and healing, donkey milk preserves youth by firming the skin. Discover the many benefits of donkey milk, nicknamed "the white gold of cosmetics" and complete your beauty routine with our new range of products!




Since ancient times, donkey milk has been traditionally used by certain peoples for its virtues in the fields of HEALTH and BEAUTY.

If the cosmetic virtues of donkey milk were appreciated by the beauties of the old days : Cleopatra and Poppea, wife of Nero, this universal remedy was also known by the ancients for its therapeutic qualities.




Like mare's milk, donkey's milk is close to woman's milk in chemical composition and pH. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it has for a long time been used as a substitute of milk for babies. The donkey produces small quantities, about one liter per day. The milk is therefore a rare and precious commodity.

Often ignored and rarely available for the consumer, the donkey's milk presents however many qualities.



  1. A natural moisturizer and nourisher

Donkey milk is rich in vitamins and minerals: potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, retinol, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D, C, E. Very moisturizing for the skin, it nourishes the skin in depth. It will soothe even the driest, most sensitive & reactive skin.


  1. An outstanding healer

Donkey milk contains essential fatty acids and amino acids that are essential for cell construction.

It nourishes and participates in the regeneration of the skin. The donkey milk allows to clean your skin in depth to get rid of all these dead skins.  By this action, it encourages the regeneration of the skin.


  1. An anti-wrinkle without equal

 Far from being a myth, donkey milk is a natural tensor. It blurs wrinkles and furrows to leave your skin smooth and dynamic. The ideal anti-wrinkle care!

And as a bonus, its soft and subtle fragrance will leave a delicious scent on your skin.



To offer you all the virtues of donkey milk, we have developed a range of cosmetics based on this miraculous ingredient used since antiquity. You will find a whole range of body milks, shower creams and hand creams declined 3 scents:


  • Donkey milk

  • Donkey milk enriched with cotton extract

  • Donkey milk enriched with sweet almond oil


Our donkey milk range enriched with cotton extract combines the benefits of donkey milk with those of cotton. Our products will soften and smooth your skin. The delicate scent of Cotton has been associated with that of donkey milk to provide you with a real moment of well-being.


The donkey milk range enriched with sweet almond oil soothes and softens. Our products will leave a delicate scent of almond on your skin. This range is ideal for irritated skin.


And for the most soapy, a whole range of soaps enriched with donkey milk was imagined for the well-being of your skin.

 Legend has it that 700 donkeys had to be milked to fill Cleopatra's bath!

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