Summer is well and truly over, and the hot chocolate season is slowly taking over. To warm up your home and create a cocooning atmosphere, you wish to find the ideal home fragrance for the season ? Indeed, we offer a wide choice of home fragrances exclusively developed with our noses in Grasse. Discover now our selection of home fragrances for this new fall season.


A sweet and greedy atmosphere


Outside, the trees are wearing their autumn coat and nature is dressed in its orange monochrome. At home, you love to curl up in your soft blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.


To perfume your home, we recommend you, without hesitation, to choose perfumes with sweet and greedy notes. We have made for you a selection of our home fragrances perfect for creating a warm and cocooning atmosphere. With the perfume Cinnamon Orange, you will be able to discover a greedy orange perfume delicately mixed with oriental notes of cinnamon. We also offer you the perfume Douceur Cuivrée. Its woody and coppery notes will bring softness to your home and will immediately plunge you into a cocooning atmosphere. You can also choose a home fragrance among our selection of fragrance diffusers. It will dress up your home while diffusing a delicate scent constantly for several weeks. For sweet and gourmand scents, choose the Patchouli Fragrance Diffuser. It will deliver a delicate and warm scent of patchouli with some notes of tonka bean and leather.



The nostalgia of summer


Every year it's the same thing, you dread autumn, the cold and the greyness. You dream of going back to a deserted island, bathed in sunshine and the turquoise waters of a tropical sea. To recreate the summer atmosphere in your home, there is nothing better than to add a few fruity scents. For example, the Lemon Meringue room fragrance will take you to Portugal, where fields of lemons stretch as far as the eye can see. If you prefer to travel further, you can opt for the Indian Summer fragrance, which will warm up your home with its marine and iodine notes. This home fragrance will bring a breath of freshness to your home. If you want to go for a diffuser, opt for the Fragrance Diffuser White Bamboo. It combines notes of Bamboo, Water Lily and Aloe Vera for a harmony of softness and freshness.


A breath of freshness and cleanliness


A lot of people enjoy the smell of "clean". Who doesn't love the smell of laundry coming out of the machine and the freshness of sheets lying in the sun? These fresh smells usually contain notes of musk, aldehydes and flowers. They give off a certain nostalgia of yesteryear. For a light and delicate scent like silk, we recommend the Silk Veil home fragrance. With its powdery and floral notes, it will transport you in a cocoon of softness. The delicate touch of iris emanating from this perfume will certainly bring a touch of elegance and nobility to your home. Do you prefer a dreamy bubble ? With Rêve de Lin, you will immediately find yourself in a field of linen. Are you more tempted by a trip to Provence ? Opt for the Lavender Harvest Scented Bouquet. Your home will be filled with the delicate scent of freshly cut lavender.


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