What home fragrance to use in the spring ?

Parfum d'intérieur pour le printemps

Synonymous with rebirth, spring is one of those seasons that we enjoy contemplating. With gardens in bloom and nature awakening, how can you not be amazed by this time of the year ?

However, it's not only the outside that nature takes over. Inside, too, the change of season influences the needs of the residents. In winter, when temperatures hover near 0°C, the trend is toward warm dishes, blazing fireplaces and gourmet smells. In spring, it's a different story …


Sowing flowers in your homeParfum récolte de la lavande

In spring, plants that were previously asleep gradually come back to life. Hungry for sunlight, they open their corollas wide and release sweet fragrances. Try to imagine spring without a myriad of colorful flowers ... It's simply impossible.

To keep that spirit alive in your bedroom, choose floral home fragrances. A timeless classic, lavender is a scent that will make you want to run barefoot through the fields. Appreciated by all generations, it reveals its most beautiful aromas in the Récolte de la Lavande scented plant candle.

Thanks to its 100% vegetable wax and its natural cotton wick, these scented candles recreate the olfactory atmosphere of lavender fields to perfection.

The heady fragrance of the Lavandula plant immediately sets the scene. This is followed by hints of sage and eucalyptus that bring a gentle breeze to this home fragrance. Finally, vanilla, musk, coumarin and patchouli close this soft ball.


Getting deep into nature

When you were a child, what activity did you associate with spring ? For many of you, the beautiful season was a time to go mushroom picking in the woods. As you went deeper into the forest, the sky became darker and the smells more persistent...

Have you forgotten how this wild atmosphere filled you with serenity ? Between the age-old oaks and the curious looks of the weasels, you were slowly returning to your natural state.

The perfume diffuser A l'Ombre du Figuier was designed to plunge you back into this bubble of serenity.

Once the bamboo stalks are moistened with the room fragrance, a heady scent of fresh grass spreads throughout the room. It only takes a few seconds to catch a glimpse of undergrowth softened by fig blossom and cyclamen. In the background, the scents of fig tree and musk give this room fragrance a pleasantly sweet touch.


Shamelessly indulging in the sin of gluttony

In spring, the stalls of the fruit markets are adorned with a tons of fruits, each as greedy as the next. Strawberry, cherry, apricot... It's as if at every street corner, gluttony is setting a trap for you.

Usually, it is said that gluttony is a bad habit. However, isn't it necessary to qualify this quote ? After all, if you fill up on blackberries and berries, is it really that bad ? You'll fill up on vitamins while enjoying tasty treats.

To make your home a haven of pleasure, choose this Blackberry & Berry fragrance diffuser. For several weeks, the rattan sticks will diffuse a fruity fragrance that is hard to resist.

At the top of the olfactory pyramid, we find bergamot, cardamom and lemon. Slightly acidic, these aromatics bring a bit of spice to an otherwise too sweet set. It is thanks to them that the rose, the tea and the blackberry are dressed with a presence that we did not know them. In the base notes, we find mate, musk and a touch of sandalwood.


Letting yourself fall into the arms of Morpheus


The change of season can be a blow to your biological clock. When the sun sets later, your hormones are at a loss. Fortunately, a good home fragrance can help you sleep like a log. Its name you ask ? Silver Night.

With its singular notes, it takes you on a nocturnal stroll. A few blasts of Silver Night Home Fragrance and you won't open your eyes until the morning. To accompany you on the path of dreams, water lily, cedar and a little grapefruit. Sweet dreams...


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