What is a powder scented candle?

Bougie parfum fleur de coton

Candles are essential elements in the world of interior design. They bring a touch of charm and elegance to the surrounding environment. This is why they are regularly very popular with interior designers and professional event planners.

To offer even more choice and satisfaction to customers, scents manufacturers like Plantes et Parfums are constantly innovating their creation. If since always, the varieties were exerted at the level of the forms and the colors, the perfumes form now part of the essential components of the candles. Would you like to know all the secrets of its know-how? Discover here the assets and the specificities of these candles and in particular that of the candle with the powdered perfume.


Natural and artisanal

The first particularity of the Plantes et Parfums scented candles is in its artisanal way of manufacture. The conceptions are made by hand by craftsmen qualified as "master candle makers". Thus, the pouring, the shaping and the decoration are made with meticulousness to offer authenticity to each product. At the end of the process, we obtain a cylindrical candle, wrapped in another cylindrical glass container. The whole is dressed with a paper label of different colors on which are displayed the name of the company, the identity of the product and its fragrance. As far as their components are concerned, the candles are made of vegetable waxes which give them a natural, delicate and intoxicating fragrance. 


A wide variety of colors and scents

Since each person has his or her own tastes, the company offers its customers the option of customizing their order. In this case, according to your preferences, but also according to your real needs, the master candle makers of Plantes&Parfums will recommend ideas of colors and scents of candles that will suit you the best.

For example, for Christmas, they recommend the Cinnamon Orange scents that will wrap white, red, green candles. For the bathrooms, a soft scent of Lavender or Jasmine would bring more feeling of serenity and relaxation. Finally, for a memorable romantic dinner, why not opt for the indomitable scent of Rose or dare to be original with the gourmet scent of Vanilla?

Note that to better answer all your desires, Plantes et Parfums uses a multitude of scents: fresh, floral, powdery, aromatic, woody and spicy, fruity and gourmand.


The famous powdery scented candleBougie à la fleur de coton

The powdery scented candle is a collection of Plants and Perfumes aiming to generate the so-called "delicate" and "dreamy" atmospheres. The notes that compose it have been carefully chosen to give a harmonious, soft and enveloping blend.

Among this "powdery" category, there is the Fleur de Coton scented plant candle. As its name suggests, the candle has Cotton Flower as its heart note, enhanced with Peony, Violet and Wild Strawberry. As base notes, you can detect the refined scents of Heliotrope, Cedar and White Musk and as top notes there are Raspberry and Green Accort. To form the powdery perfume, the manufacturers have added fragrances of silk, iris and rice.

Captivating and original, the Rêve de Lin scented plant candle is also part of this collection of powdery fragrances. If you appreciate more accentuated scents, this product will be perfect for you. Its heart note comes from the fusion of Ylang-Ylang, Peony, Rose, Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. Its top note spreads the fruity aromas of Raspberry, Litchi, Freesia and Bergamot. As for its base note, it contains the attractive scents of Patchouli and White Musk.


To create a pleasant atmosphere in your room or your whole house, you can find other interesting items at Plantes et Parfums. The store also sells home fragrances, scented bouquets, pillow mists and even Eaux de Toilette.


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