What is a spicy scented candle ?

Bougie parfum ambre intense

You like to perfume your home with scented candles? Would you like to discover other scents than the usual ones ? Get off the beaten track and bet on woody scented candles.


Spicy notes

There are many different types of scents, and each of us has our own preferences. Some people prefer only sweet scents, and like to spread the smell of chocolate or caramel in their homes. Others prefer floral scents, and use candles scented with Lavender, Violet or Orange Blossom

We also find fresh scents addicts, which appreciate to scent of Lemon or Orange. But if you read these lines, it is probably that you are more partisan of the woody perfume. This one is just as popular as those we have just mentioned. It is characterful, and joins the list of scents that have a very pronounced temperament. It offers a dominating place to the notes of spices. Thus, a woody scented candle will be able to smell Pepper, Patchouli, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or Clove. These ingredients are of course only examples, as there are countless spices. So, whatever your favorite is, you will always find a scented candle to your liking.


A candle that invites you to travel

Spices have a major role in the collective imagination. They make us think about travels to the other side of the world, but also the East and its markets with of a thousand scents. By acquiring a spice-scented candle and using it at home, you will immediately have the pleasant impression of being transported to these distant lands. Choosing a spice is like choosing a destination on a map for your next trip. Treat yourself to a Patchouli scented candle, and embark on a journey to the Philippines. Light a Cinnamon candle, and feel like you're in the heart of an Indonesian market. As you can see, woody notes have the undeniable advantage of allowing you to travel from home. You must have experienced this sensation at least once in your life. You smell a scent, and it instantly reminds you of a place you've been in the past. A woody-scented candle allows you to feel this sensation.


Find a woody candle that suits youbougie parfum cannelle orange

Are you a fan of spicy scents? Are you looking for a cylindrical candle with this note? You know what you need to do. Satisfy your desire for a spicy scent by buying a candle. Plantes & Parfums offers a large choice of candles with woody and spicy scents. They are all made in a workshop in Provence, hand-poured, and made with 100% vegetable wax. If you particularly appreciate Cinnamon, choose the Cinnamon Orange plant-based candle. It gives off a pleasant and characterful scent, and awakens your senses. The Patchouli scented candle, for its part, will easily seduce lovers of this spice that smells good in the tropics. Of course, it delivers a warm smell of patchouli, but also mixes notes of tonka beans and leather. Finally, in a register more woody than spicy, the scented candle Pine of Provence releases lively and aromatic notes of conifers. With its green touch, it will take you in the middle of nature, and will give you the feeling to be in a forest of Provence. But if you rather like the smell of amber, you can also turn to the candle cylindrical Amber Intense, which invites you to softness and to voluptuousness.


What is a woody scented candle? 

A woody scented candle is above all an invitation to travel. It always delivers a scent of character, which will perfume an entire interior with the most pleasant smell. So, choose a candle with your favorite spice, and treat yourself to a wonderful olfactory experience.


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