What is the best fragrance for men ?


Woody, fruity, floral, spicy, musky, a perfume is an olfactory experience, intimate and personal to each of us. It must fully reflect your personality and must match your skin, its pigment and maturity. No one can truly define what the best fragrance for men is. You must rely on your senses, your emotions to find the one that will sublimate your character traits. How about a little tour of men's fragrances that highlight your personality ?


Woody scents: a great classic

Cedar wood, rose, sandalwood, birch, cashmere, each tree has its own fragrance. If cedar wood sublimates the inner strength and nobility of the soul, the woody scents of sandalwood or patchouli suggest mystery and sensuality. Bois Ardent Eau de Toilette is a perfect example in this category. It perfectly combines power and refinement, balancing the scents of cypress and cashmere with the sweetness of amber accords and the subtlety of jasmine.


The freshness of citrus scents

Another classic of men's fragrances belongs to the olfactory family of hesperidia, which comes in more or less present notes of grapefruit, orange, lemon or mandarin. Combined with the scents of spices, wood or patchouli, they reveal an active and warm personality, like the eau de toilette Frissons d'agrumes, which combines the freshness of citrus with the sensuality of patchouli, for a sparkling and energetic bouquet. To add a touch of sass, Sublime Mandarine blends citrus with cardamom and musk and will be perfect for bold and spontaneous men.


eau-de-toilette-sublime-mandarineOriental scents

The oriental scent is also known as amber accords. Composed of warm and sensual fragrances, it puts seduction at the center of the emotions it arouses. It includes musks, vanilla, precious woods and spices from distant lands. The eau de toilette Rêve d'Orient is a perfect example. Its clever blend of cashmere wood and white cedar harmonizes with the sweetness of white flowers and the scent of ylang-ylang, revealing a mysterious and refined essence. For a bewitching effect, the amber accords combined with the greed of vanilla of the eau de toilette Lumière d'Ambre reveal your little seductive side.


Aquatic fragrances

Arrived in the 60's, the aquatic scents give off a spirit of freedom, simplicity and freshness. It is the favorite fragrance of dynamic, sporty men who particularly appreciate walks in nature. Combined with citrus notes, it will reinforce its freshness, while sandalwood fragrances will bring a subtle woody trail. The eau de toilette L'Âme bleue, mixes to the marine scents a peppered and mentholated touch, giving a lively and quivering perfume.


Aromatic Scents

Often classified as typically masculine, scents from aromatic plants such as lavender, thyme, peppermint, star anise or rosemary give a touch of both sweetness and invigoration. Combined with woody and fruity scents, they can emphasize both virility and softness. Let's take the example of the eau de toilette Lavande Espiègle. This last one takes us on the roads of Provence. Its scents of basil and verbena unite in a perfect osmosis with lavender, orange blossom and lime, leaving a trail of freshness in your wake.


 How to choose?

The best perfume for men is the one that corresponds to you, but also to your moods and your state of mind. If you are rather dynamic and sporty, choose a perfume with aquatic notes. If you are seductive, amber scents will be your ally. Woody scents will highlight your virility and strength, while citrus scents will reveal your spontaneity and vivacity.


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