If many people prefer to offer scented candles as gifts, it's because they act as a great decorative object that give off a deliciously pleasant scent. The choice of a scented candle is not however simple since it is a question of finding a product that will release a pleasant smell or the long term. It is even more pleasant to find a candle whose smell is appropriate to the season during which it is lit. We give you all our tips so that you can find the ideal scented candle for the time of year in question.


General recommendations to take into account when buying the candle


So that the use of your scented candle is optimal, you must take into account some essential recommendations. First of all, so that the scented candle can diffuse its perfume on the long term, we advise you to take care that the perfume was well mixed uniformly with wax. If this is not the case and that this one was deposited on the surface, the perfume will leave very quickly following the progressive combustion. Be aware that affordable candles use this process very frequently. In this case, you will only be able to enjoy the fragrance at the beginning of the burn and not on the long term. Furthermore, we strongly advise you to invest in a candle with 100% vegetable wax such as soy wax. Also make sure that the wicks are made of pure cotton and do not contain kerosene. Also, we recommend that you check the composition of the product to ensure that the fragrance is made from natural products. Please note that artificial fragrances can cause headaches.



Learn more about the different types of scents


There are many scents that can allow anyone to find the right fragrance for them. Thus, we can find fruity scents such as Peach Vine, Lemon Meringue or the Fruits du Marché fragrance. But also more floral scents such as Cherry Blossom, Jasmine Blossom or Spring Violet. Sweet lovers will appreciate scents such as Vanille Gourmande, or Caramel au Beurre Salé. While nature addicts will choose more natural scents that will certainly remind them of beautiful walks in the forest. Fresh scents such as White Bamboo are perfect for the summer while softer scents such as Cotton Flower will be perfect for long winter evenings. These many choices allow you to find the perfect scent for the time of year and the room in the house where the candle will be lit.


The scents to choose during spring and summer


Summer and spring are seasons that represent light and celebration. Floral and fruity scents are a go to. You can use the fragrance Nectar de Vigne or the scent Pétale de Rose.


Scents to choose during fall and winter


Autumn and winter are seasons where the weather is not always perfect. To protect ourselves from the cold, we tend to give ourselves cocooning moments. To accompany these sweet moments, we recommend powdery scents such as White Musk, Cotton Flower or Cashmere Sweetness that will comfort you! Woody scents lend themselves equally well to these seasons with fragrances such as Intense Amber, Patchouli or Orange Cinnamon. Fresher scents such as Green Tea or the Garden of Eden fragrance will bring you on a journey with their sweet perfume.


Burn your scented candles individually


Lighting several candles simultaneously will not make its use more effective. Moreover, think of airing regularly the various rooms of your house in order to optimize the capacity of diffusion of your scented candle.



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