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Une bougie comme idée de cadeau, c’est toujours un bon choix - Plantes&Parfums

A long time ago, candles were used to light rooms. Over the centuries, their use evolved to become a decorative element. As candles became more popular, candle makers adapted to the market and created scented candles.


Why choose scented candles?


Scented candles are a great gift idea! They create a special atmosphere in the room. They also lend themselves to all occasions and are essential to create a cocooning atmosphere.


The scented candles also find their place in the interior decoration thanks to their purified design. Moreover, a candle gives a welcoming aspect to the room. It has the ability to warm the heart. The people present in the space feel soothed and serene while watching the wick burn gently.


The scented candle is a gift that is suitable for both men and women. It will be necessary only to adapt the scents diffused at the time of the purchase. A scented candle can be offered with a home perfume that has the same scent. 


For which occasions to offer a Plantes & Parfums candle ?


The scented candles can be offered for various occasions. When December comes around, the candles become a Christmas gift. But not only, candles can also be offered on Mother’s Day. Finally, candles can also be given during the celebration of an anniversary or for Valentine’s Day to express your feelings to your other half.



Bougie Ambre intense - Plantes&parfums

How to choose a candle according to the use?


There are some boxes to check before buying a candle. The wake is the main factor to take into account. The fragrance to select depends on the atmosphere to diffuse in the room. It is also necessary to consider the occasion to give the original gift. Many fragrances are designed to convey sensuality. It is possible to evoke woody and spicy fragrances. Fruity and gourmand notes are also capable of this feat. They are therefore dedicated to Valentine’s Day and its romantic dinners.


On Mother’s Day, it’s best to focus on floral scents. These types of candles emit natural scents. The fresh notes are indicated for the appeasement of the spirit and the well-being.


For a cocooning atmosphere, powdery scents seem to be the ideal choice. Both refined and delicious, they leave pleasant smells even after burning. They are recommended for birthday parties or Christmas.


The other criteria of choice for a candle ?


It is important to pay a great attention to the manufacture as well as the composition of the scented candles. Plantes & Parfums candles are made from vegetable wax. These are extracted from soya, colza or jojoba.


The wick also plays an important role in the selection of a candle to put in a gift box. It should be neither too thick nor too thin. The cotton wicks are more qualitative.


Finally, the fragrance plays a major role in the composition of the scented candle. All the perfumes used are worked, tested and selected by the perfumers of Grasse, in France and are natural.



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