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BlogAbout Our Natural Scented Candles :

About Our Natural Scented Candles :

How to use a Perfumed Vegetable Candle ?

bougie parfumée végétale


 —————————Before use ———————


Remove the lid before use..

Before enlighting your candle, always cut the wick at 0.5 cm.

A too long wick could lead to a too high flame, an unequal combustion..

For candles with more than one wick, do not forget to enlight all the wicks for an homogene combustion.


———————–During use ——————


During combustion, you will need to keep the candle from draught : the wax could melt in an irregular way and you would risk a decentring of the wick..

To avoid the formation of a « well » leave your candle enlightend enough time for all the surface to be liquid.

This will also avoid a wrong combustion and will allow the diffusion of a maximum of the fragrances from the candle.


———————–Extinguish the candle——————


In order to extinguish the candle, instead of blowing it, you can soak on the wish into the wax with a little clamp and then redress it.

Recenter faster if needed to avoid the glass to blacken.

The wick will then be coated with wax and the enlightining will be easier for next use.


————————After use———————


Do not move the candle until the melted wax hasn’t froze.

You can protect your candle from duest and help preserve its fragrance with a glass bell.

Once the candle is consumed, you can clean with warm water the glass so don’t hesitate to reuse it !