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BlogHow long does the home fragrance last ?

How long does the home fragrance last ?

Combien de temps dure un parfum d'intérieur - Plantes&Parfums

More than just a simple room fragrance diffuser, home fragrance is the signature of your home. A delicately arranged bouquet of fragrance spreads a sweet scent throughout each room of your home, all day long, and for several weeks. Find out what a home fragrance is and how long you will enjoy its enchanting scent for.


What is a home fragrance ?


Natural fragrances to help you escape

Home fragrances bring an unusual olfactory ambiance to your home. The Shiso Tea Fragrance Diffuser transports you to the distant landscapes of majestic Japan. For 8 weeks, you will enjoy the floral notes of magnolia and white rose. 

In a pretty little glass bottle, the Lavender Harvest Fragrance Diffuser invites you to the thousand scents of the South. Smell the scent of freshly cut lavender in the morning dew and let yourself be guided by its sweet heart notes of eucalyptus and sage. During the few weeks of diffusion, you will have the feeling to travel in the middle of the fields of Provence.


The constant sweetness of an olfactory ambiance

The Hanging Garden Scented Bouquet will seduce you for 4 to 8 weeks. From its bouquets of blackcurrant, lychee and iris, a fruity atmosphere invades your home, like a pleasantly soft cocoon.

The soft shape of the bottles of our scented bouquets allows you to place them in the room of your choice. In a bedroom for a relaxing atmosphere conducive to rest. Or in your living room, to bring a delicate and welcoming atmosphere. The scented bouquets also have their place in your bathroom or in the corridor.

To vary your olfactory pleasures, you can perfectly alternate the use of a scented candle with a bottle of home perfume. This will give you the opportunity to dive into the universe that inspires your desires of the moment.


How long does a scented bouquet last ?


Bouquet parfumée pin de Provence - Plantes&ParfumsFor a noticed and bewitching perfume diffusion

The duration of an indoor perfume depends on the size of the bottle neck. The wider the neck is, the faster the evaporation will be. In order to offer you a soft diffusion for a long time, our scented bouquets are conditioned in pretty bottles with a delicate narrow neck. Each bottle is provided with 7 to 9 rattan sticks that will slowly infuse with perfume to diffuse it during 4 to 12 weeks in a constant way. This way, you’ll enjoy the sweetness of natural fragrances over the weeks.

How about a Snowy Stroll with a Scented Bouquet that transports you to the high peaks of a winter landscape? As soon as you return home, breathe in the fresh woody scent of pine trees and enjoy the subtle note of cinnamon for 8 weeks.


For a softer, more delicate scent

Thanks to the Au Coin du Feu Perfumed Bouquet, increase the softness of the warm atmosphere of the winter season. Find your loved ones in comforting moments as if you were at the corner of a beautiful fireplace. By using 7 or 9 rattan sticks, you can enjoy your home fragrance for several weeks.

In order to keep your home fresh, we recommend varying the number of sticks according to the size of your room. 


Soft fragrances to cocoon your home… 

The home is the most intimate place there is. The foundation of a lifetime, personal and secretly intimate, your home is yours. The olfactory atmosphere that hovers there reflects the colors of your life. Thus, to perfume all your memories as well as your present moments, nothing better than a scented bouquet with different scents. 

Thus, to bring to your interior the softness of an unforgettable scent, the scented bouquets diffuse a delicate effluence during more than 8 weeks. Find on our online store, our scented bouquets with bewitching notes and let yourself be transported in the most beautiful olfactory atmosphere that it is: the one of your dreams.


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