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BlogHow to use the hydroalcoholic lotion ?

How to use the hydroalcoholic lotion ?


With the various microbes and bacteria circulating in the air and getting deposited on our clothes and hands, it is important to protect ourselves. The hydroalcoholic solution, previously used by doctors, is now becoming an essential to have on you. Discover in this blog article the many properties of hydroalcoholic solution.  


Is the hydroalcoholic lotion safe for children ?

This question is often asked, because a disinfectant lotion is a product that is used regularly. The good news is that it is safe for children and also for pregnant women, although it should not be used on young infants. For children, use under adult supervision is highly recommended to avoid the risk of ingestion. 


How to choose the right hydroalcoholic spray for you?

As hydroalcoholic lotion is mainly composed of alcohol, it tends to irritate the skin during daily use. It is thus essential to choose it with natural products according to your type of skin.

Indeed, there is on the market a wide panel of hydroalcoholic gels formulated with natural and organic products with beneficial virtues. You can also choose them with exotic fragrances to mask the pungent smell of alcohol.


Solution-hydroalcoolique---Plantes&ParfumsSpray formulated with Lavender.

The Lavender hydroalcoholic spray from Plantes & Parfums is enriched with ingredients of natural origin, including glycerin and organic Aloe Vera. It also contains essential oils of Lavender and Lavandin, components privileged for their regenerating and acting virtue on certain skin affections, but also for their greedy note.

In addition to eliminating bacteria and microbes, this type of spray also takes care of your hand makes them soft and silky to the touch and leave a fresh and pleasant scent. 

According to the EN 14476 standard in force, this lotion formulated with Lavender contains 80 v/v% of alcohol to ensure an optimal daily antibacterial and virucidal effectiveness. Its little extra, you can slip it in your bag without taking too much space thanks to its small format of 100 ml.


Spray formulated with Rose

As we all know, the rose is a plant that contains moisturizing and antibacterial ingredients. With the hydroalcoholic spray with Rose, you can ensure hands free of bacteria and moisturized at the same time. This spray is elaborated with essential oils of biological origin, floral Water of Rose and natural glycerin to mitigate the irritating effect of the alcohol. Its composition, also enriched in organic Aloe Vera , confers a flexible and silky texturefor a real pleasure while using.

Moreover, the lotion does not stick, contrary to the other products which you can find on the market. Although it is composed of ingredients with greedy aromas, it is not less virucidal, because it contains 80 % v/v of alcohol for an effectiveness in conformity with the Standard EN 14476, that is to say an action against the viruses particularly resistant to the detergents and disinfectants.

You can, therefore, use this spray as many times as necessary for your protection throughout the day. Its small size of 100 ml also allows you to carry it everywhere with you, even in a small handbag.


How to use a hydroalcoholic spray effectively?

When using a hydroalcoholic lotion or spray, it is not enough to rub your hands with it. You must follow various friction rules for optimal effectiveness of your spray. Since these disinfectants do not clean, it is important to use them on unsoiled or wet hands. We therefore advise you to apply the friction movements below, in order to eliminate as much as possible the microbes present on your hands.

Apply a spray of product on one hand and spread it over the whole skin before starting the friction movements. Then, palm to palm, make circular motions and move to the back of each hand to rub back and forth. Finally, return palm to palm with fingers intertwined to access the interdigital areas. After these various movements, the lotion will have dried and the hands will be free of all germs and bacteria.

This may seem like a long ritual, but in practice, it only takes about 20 to 30 seconds at the most. The advantage of following these movements is that every surface of the hand is well disinfected. 

The use of a hydroalcoholic lotion is your protective ally.


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