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BlogOur tips for a cocooning atmosphere with candles

Our tips for a cocooning atmosphere with candles

Are you looking to make your home a real cosy nest? Coming straight from the Scandinavian countries, the cocooning style has made its place in our interior decoration. To feel at home as if in a cocoon, there is nothing like fluffy plaids and soothing colors, but also cosy decorating elements such as scented candles. Discover our tips for creating a cocooning atmosphere with candles.


How to create a warm atmosphere with scented candles ?

A cocooning interior is first of all an interior where you enjoy spending your time. So that each room of your home invites you to relax, the atmosphere counts as much as the decoration. Creating a signature scent in your home is a good way to make it unique, while creating a soothing atmosphere. Create a unique identity for each room by choosing scented candles that reflect your personality, right from the entrance. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by the sweet scent of the candles. 


Our decorating ideas for a cocooning living room.

The living room is probably the room where you spend the most time. It is therefore the ideal place for a cozy environment. Don’t skimp on blankets and soft cushions on the sofa, but also on candles. Small, large, colored or monochromatic, place scented candles of all shapes and sizes on your coffee table. Be careful to honor a certain olfactory code, however, to avoid scents that don’t match. You can follow the same principle of accumulation along the fireplace or even directly on the floor, creating a relaxation space mixing candles and cozy poufs on the floor.


Our tip : For a natural and relaxing atmosphere, go for a candle with floral notes such as our Spring Violet Scented Candle. Add an extra visual touch by scattering flower petals around the candle jar.


Candles for a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom.

On the edge of the bathtub or elsewhere, the bathroom is full of spots to place your scented candles. You can even install a small side table dedicated exclusively to candles. For a relaxing atmosphere, it is better to avoid too aggressive light sources and prefer to multiply the candles with relaxing perfumes. Light them up just before getting into the bath to enjoy the soothing glow of the flames. Make sure to extinguish the wick as soon as you leave the tub.


Our tip : In the bathroom, choose soft scents with floral or fruity candles. For even more zenitude, you can also opt for fresh notes like white bamboo associated with water lily.


A cocooning bedroom with scented candles

The bedroom being the most intimate room of the house, the key words for a cosy bedroom are comfort and well-being. The atmosphere must be cottony to promote relaxation, using soft and light fragrances. Pick candles with floral or powdery notes, like the Rêve de Lin scented candle. In the room, avoid as much as possible scents that are too strong, especially incense, whose powerful smell could be heady.


Our tip : Diffuse relaxing fragrances in your bedroom with a Lavender or Rose scented candle.


A cocooning decor in the office

The office can be a stressful space. More than any other, it is a place where you need positive vibes. Create a cozy atmosphere with softly scented candles. To do this, turn to the Jasmine Flower scent.


Which scented candles for a cocooning atmosphere?

Candles come in many fragrances, it can be difficult to choose. So why choose when you can alternate scents ? If the cocooning style is particularly effective to fight against the gloom of the cold seasons, the candle has the advantage of being integrated into your interior decoration all year long. You can switch from one olfactory atmosphere to another, depending on the season as well as your desires.

  • As the end of year, celebrations approach, opt for spicy scents such as the Cinnamon and Orange Scented Candle. Woody scents are another cozy option in the heart of winter, giving you the feeling of being in a mountain chalet. Are you missing the fireplace to fulfill the picture ? Let yourself be carried away by the warm scent of the Au Coin du Feu scented candle.
  • Looking for sunshine or a change of scenery? To escape through your senses without leaving the warmth of your sofa, choose exotic scents. With notes of citrus and exotic fruits, the Escapade Tropicale candle will transport you to a paradise island.
  • Candles with gourmet scents are perfect to contribute to a warm interior as well. In the entrance of your home, choose a comforting scent such as vanilla.


Choosing a natural candle

The cocooning spirit is not only a cozy and warm decoration. An interior where we feel good, is also an interior that gives pride of place to natural decorative elements. Scented candles are no exception. A candle with too much chemical scent should alert you, even risking to exhale toxic fumes. Choose natural scents from plant-based wax candles like the Plantes & Parfums range of scented candles, hand-poured in the Provencal tradition. Tested by the perfumers of Grasse, our Plantes & Parfums candles are 100% natural French handmade. Their vegetable wax guarantees you an incomparable quality of diffusion, associated with delicate and bewitching fragrances.

You aspire to a soothing and warm atmosphere in your home? Create a cocooning atmosphere with scented candles, assigning an olfactory signature to each room of your home. Flowery notes in a cozy living room, soothing scents for sleeping, comforting fragrances by the fire, you have the choice for your cocooning decoration. To combine comfort and well-being, opt for the natural scents of a Plant Wax Candle.