How to perfume your interior with perfumes?

perfume-interior-with-perfumes A simple gesture is enough to transform a room and bring a special atmosphere. In the same way as fittings and decoration, indoor perfume beautifies the space, bringing a pleasant olfactory note.

Home Fragrance

Room fragrance brings a unique sensory dimension to each room of the house, thus contributing to the olfactory identity of your living space. Room fragrance is mainly suitable for users who wish to dose and control the scents diffused. To instantly perfume any corner of the house, simply spray it in a single gesture. In general, for interior perfumes, a single press is enough to obtain a pleasant scent. So you won't need to spray it repeatedly. Of course, you can perfectly dose the quantity of product to diffuse depending on the surface area of ​​the room, the area to be sanitized, the distance traveled by the mist and the sanitizing power of the perfume of your choice. A simple pressure will be more than enough to create a light and discreet veil. On the other hand, several sprays will be necessary if you are looking for a much more pronounced smell, especially in different areas of a room. For perfume to fully fulfill its functions, you must pay particular attention to the choice of scents. Fresh and fruity notes are strongly recommended at the entrance to your house or apartment. On the other hand, you will opt for a floral note to create a zen atmosphere conducive to relaxation in your living room. Fragrances with relaxing properties will be reserved for the bedroom, and gourmet and sweet touches for the kitchen.

lavender-harvesting Scented Candles

Scented candles are ideal for scenting the interior of a home with beautiful scents. The diffusion of the perfume is gentle and warm. Indeed, the combination of perfume and light creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Even if the candle is extinguished, your scented light source still leaves a light and discreet trail that fades discreetly over the hours. Today, the scented candle serves as a decorative element and interior perfume. Presented in various dimensions, with sober and classic designs or in rather elaborate lines for an elegant and refined look, it easily finds its place in different places in the house, whether in the bedroom, in the living room bathroom, in your living room or in your office area. You will place it on a chest of drawers, on an occasional piece of furniture or near a closed window for individual or series use, depending on the desired decorative effect. In all cases, scented candles combine easily with each other for a refined and timeless decoration. Today, the scented candle is available in a wide variety of scents carefully developed in Grasse. You will easily find the one that best meets your expectations. To perfume the house, don't hesitate to recreate the conviviality and warm side of family meals during the Christmas and end-of-year holidays with notes of cinnamon and orange. Discreet scents of vanilla will certainly have a lovely effect during a romantic dinner. On the other hand, favor a touch of lavender to purify the air in your bathroom. Also note that the diffusion time largely depends on the dimensions of your candle.

Lavender and Essential Oils

Lavender has always been one of the best home fragrances that bring a pleasant scent into your home. It comes in the form of small fragrant seeds which transform the atmosphere of different rooms in your interior, whether in the dressing room, in the bathroom or in storage spaces. To take advantage of all its benefits, place the scented sachets in a corner of the room concerned, on a piece of furniture, a shelf or on the table. Best known for their therapeutic properties, essential oils are also perfect for purifying the ambient air in one of the rooms of your home. The choice of perfume obviously depends on the atmosphere you plan to create. Known for its antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral powers, lavender essential oil obviously remains one of the best choices to make for a perfectly healthy interior. With antiseptic, antimicrobial and above all anti-odor properties, lemongrass essential oil leaves a pleasant clean and fresh smell at all times. The diffusion of these plant concentrates is done by gentle heat, by hot water, using a tissue or a dedicated device such as the oil diffuser.

The Scented Bouquet

The scented bouquet diffuses the interior scent of your choice over a relatively long period of time. Its mode of operation is relatively simple. The device comes with rattan stems immersed in a bottle containing your perfume. By using the principle of capillarity, the rods in question are impregnated with the odor of the liquid in order to release it continuously for several weeks, or even a few months. Obviously, a wide choice of perfumes is now available to you, in order to best meet each of your requirements. To know how to perfume your interior with this type of bouquet, know above all that the intensity of the scent diffused within the room depends on the number of stems placed in the bottle. On average, two to three sticks are enough for a light and delicate scent. On the other hand, if you are looking for a much more pronounced olfactory rendering, it would be preferable to use four to five stems. Then, six to eight sticks will be essential for a particularly strong perfume. To further accentuate the scent of your bouquet, do not hesitate to turn the stems over, mixing them in your perfume, in order to reactivate the diffusion.

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