Fresh, spicy or floral: the candles that will take you on a journey


Candles are the perfect accessory to perfume and give a unique atmosphere to your interior. Plantes & Parfums offers you natural candles, made from 100% vegetable wax. These are cast by hand in Provence. The subtle and delicate scents of each of the candles are true perfumed creations, developed in collaboration with our perfumers in Grasse. Their diffusion brings a warm and refined atmosphere which is the signature of our House.

Plantes & Parfums scented candles go perfectly with your interior depending on the atmosphere you want to give it. To do this, different models are available to you. Each fragrance belongs to an olfactory family that is easily identifiable thanks to the color nuances identifying the 5 families.

Want freshness? Opt for our scented candles with a fresh scent

A little freshness at home is always good. Our freshly scented artisanal candles offer you a multitude of scents. Find our different fragrances such as verbena, fig or even bamboo, available in 75g or 180g format. Our Indian Summer Scented Candle will offer you very soft and pleasant scents thanks to its mix of vegetal and woody notes. Our scented candles with a fresh scent are perfect for the warm seasons. By lighting one of these candles, you can create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, but above all full of freshness.


A delicate floral scent…

Floral scented candles are perfect for diffusing subtle and light scents in your home. The scent of flowers offers each season and each moment a feast for the senses, a palette of infinite natural emotions. An elegant and delicate floral fragrance for a touch of softness to your interior. Wise or sensual, its notes of rose, violet jasmine or even gardenia develop a bouquet of precious and radiant scents.

The Violette Springanière Scented Vegetable Candle offers a floral, delicate and powdery scent. Violet blends with tenderness and romanticism with notes of white flowers in a balsamic and musky depth.

Woody and spicy scents comfort you after an autumn day...

With temperatures dropping and days getting shorter, fall is a season that can give you the blues. To remedy this drop in morale, there is nothing better than trying to escape with intoxicating and warm scents.

Thewoody and spicy scents spontaneously create warm and sensual atmospheres conducive to escape and relaxation. With notes of cedarwood, vetiver and even cypress, the woody fragrance is luxurious and elegant. These scents allow you to boldly enhance interiors.

You now know the different benefits of our fresh ,spicy and floral scented candles. Let us just mention that a scented candle, regardless of its scent, can be used in any season and for any occasion.

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