The Art of Perfume

Choosing your perfume is also choosing your signature.
It's a personal choice, which reveals a lot about his personality.

The Art of Perfume

Choosing your perfume is also choosing your signature.

It's a personal choice, which reveals a lot about his personality.

Unconsciously, when we wear perfume, we want to leave a trail, like the signature of our identity.

An olfactory imprint which turns out to be the most intense form of memory. Between perfume and the skin, there is more than just a pleasant proximity.

A fragrance that suits us strengthens our confidence. Unadapted, it makes us live alongside ourselves.

So don’t skip steps when choosing your perfume!

The Art of Perfume is above all the selection of the fragrance

Finding the perfume that suits you takes time.

We often judge a perfume by the first notes it gives off. It is a mistake !

Indeed, there is an entire olfactory pyramid, which means that a perfume releases different scents in several stages. It therefore evolves over time.

There are three types of notes: top notes, heart notes and base notes.

The top notes are those that we smell upon vaporization, it is a “fresh and green note” which can last up to 2 hours.

The heart notes are much more voluptuous and only appear after a few minutes.

They develop over several hours and constitute the characteristic odor of perfume.

The base notes are the heaviest and are the ones that make the perfume last a long time. They will fix the perfume to make it last over time.

These three types of notes create a unique whole.

A perfume depends on other factors, such as the pH of the skin for example.

This explains the different behavior of the same perfume from one person to another.

Do you want to choose THE PERFUME that suits you?

In this case, it is important to test the perfume and then let the fragrance develop over a day,

because a perfume evolves over time and does not smell the same on all skin types.

To wear perfume well, the ideal is the spray format.

Thus, the scents can deploy correctly and “cling” to the most favorable places for their evolution.

The Art of Perfume is also the way we put on perfume

To make a perfume last longer on the skin, the first tip is to moisturize the skin before spraying the perfume .

The cream will retain the scent of perfume more easily and therefore the scent will stay on your skin longer.

In addition to making your perfume last, it is important to always moisturize your skin.

Using variations of your perfume in the form of Perfumed Shower Gel and Body Milk, with the same scent as your perfume , can be an excellent idea!

Certain areas of the body are known to retain and absorb the scent of your perfume more easily.

It is therefore important to strategically target the areas of your body to perfume.

To do this, it is advisable to target the pulse points, where the perfume will develop the most.

Choose to perfume so-called “hot” areas such as the neck, behind the ears, in the neckline or even on the inside of your elbows.

You can also spray your fragrance on clothes. However, be careful not to cause stains.

Certain materials, such as silk, cannot withstand contact with perfume .


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