The power of smell

How scents diffused in the air or on the skin can influence our behavior.

Smell: How does it work?

Until now, science claimed that human olfaction could detect at least 10,000 different odors. Recent scientific studies have proven that, in reality, we can detect up to 1,000 billion. Our nasal cavity has millions of olfactory neurons and brings together 400 receptors. The same odor can be detected by different olfactory receptors. For an odor to be perceived by the olfactory mucosa, the scent must be odorous and sufficiently concentrated so that its chemical nature can make the cilia of the olfactory bulb react. It has been shown that the sense of smell can also work by association. The memory of an event or the name of a tasty dish can stimulate it. The quality and variety of our receptors are defined by our genetic heritage. This sense remains developing throughout the span of a life. Some receptors may remain dormant until activated by several stimulations.

eclat-verbena-agape The incomparable power of perfumes

Since Antiquity, essential oils and perfumes have been used for the power of their powers (sensuality, seduction, self-affirmation, evocation, appeasement, etc.), both on the body and the mind. The memory of a scent alone can be very lasting. How is it possible ? Unlike the sense of touch and sight, smell transmits olfactory information directly to our subconscious. It settles in our “emotional brain” or “limbic system”, and influences our psyche and our behavior. This is how a perfume can provoke physiological reactions (stimulating, energizing, aphrodisiac, relaxing, etc.).

Perfume for yourself and your interior?

Choose natural products, selected and tested by Grasse perfumers. It is important to choose a perfume that suits you.

Eau de Toilette is already an integral part of our daily lives and expresses our personality, our emotions and our passions. With an Eau de Toilette as a perfume, you will have an olfactory signature that will sublimate your skin by refreshing it.

Room fragrances subtly engage your senses. Breathing in the sweet scent of a home fragrance is a delicious way to immediately feel at home. It is easy to create a pleasant atmosphere in your interior spaces by placing a Scented Candle or a Scented B ouquet .

Create a unique atmosphere with scented accessories

Decorative, scented candles bring a warm atmosphere to a room. For healthy combustion, we prefer them to be hand-poured, made of vegetable wax (paraffin-free) and natural cotton wicks. Plantes & Parfums scented candles offer you unique moments thanks to their many scents.

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