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Sensitive skin is a real source of pain. The hyperreactivity of your skin frequently causes unpleasant sensations such as tingling, burning, throbbing, etc. The pain spreads to the face and the rest of the body. They lead to discomfort and skin aging , that is to say the rapid degeneration of the skin. And the risks increase if you have dry skin. What to do in this case?

Plantes & Parfums helps you take care of your skin thanks to its ORGANIC products for sensitive skin. Plant- based cosmetic products that promote care and hygiene, while highlighting your natural beauty .

But before prescribing the best soap for sensitive skin, we draw your attention to the factors which sensitize your skin, the care that applies on a daily basis as well as the products, in particular, the soap to favor. It is also important to know if your skin tissue is sensitive.

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How to recognize sensitive skin?

More common among women, sensitive skin is a condition or more precisely, the reaction of your skin tissue to internal or external aggression of the body. You must take into consideration that this is in no way a type of human integument. This sensitivity can envelop your entire body, but your face remains the most vulnerable area.

Symptoms of skin sensitivity appear due to an immune failure of the affected organ. Indeed, when the natural defenses of the epidermis weaken, it becomes rough and dry. This causes premature aging of the integuments through the formation of wrinkles due to dehydration. Also note that the reaction of the skin tissue to attacks is amplified when it is too cold. You must therefore promote specific care during the winter.

If your skin shows the 3 signs below, you must take the necessary measures to treat vulnerable tissues gently and delicately. This is why we recommend the use of a natural soap or a product based on organic ingredients . This initiative allows you to take better care of your body and revive the radiance of your face .

Sensitive skin tissue is characterized by:

  • Redness: upon contact with cold or heat, your skin may redden or even heat up.
  • Itching: protection of the epidermis becomes precarious. She itches more.
  • Pulling: this case occurs at the slightest change in temperature. It prevents you from taking a shower since hard water promotes soreness.

You must differentiate between a skin allergy and/or rosacea by the sensitivity of the epidermis. The latter corresponds more to a temporary over-reactivity.

What are the factors that sensitize the skin?

Skin sensitivity factors can be endogenous (internal) and/or exogenous (external). Before expanding on this topic, you must first take into account that the main cause of this skin condition is dehydration . Using organic soaps allows you to effectively hydrate your skin.

Some people have thinner and naturally fragile epidermis.

External factors

In most cases, skin sensitivity is due to external aggression. Dry skin is caused by climatic and environmental factors (temperature, UV rays, etc.). But exposure to chemicals (change in neutral epidermal pH) and psychotropic drugs (drugs, tobacco, etc.) can also make your epidermis more vulnerable.

Internal factors

Regarding the internal causes which sensitize your epidermis , they can relate to your genetic heritage or even to hormones. Know that your genetic heritage defines the health of your skin tissues. It determines the regeneration of cells, the secretion of glands as well as the degeneration of connective tissues and elastic fibers. Hormonal disturbances, hereditary diseases such as diabetes or serious conditions such as kidney failure can also cause skin sensitivity .


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What daily routine should you follow for sensitive skin?

You need to implement a daily skincare routine to treat skin sensitivity. We advise you to prioritize gentle care using natural soaps. In order to guarantee a satisfactory result, we offer a soap specially designed for treating the epidermis: Donkey's Milk soap. Applied with a well-defined daily routine, this type of product helps you effectively treat your skin vulnerability problem.

You need to create a daily routine based on your goals and skin type. For the basic routine, we recommend that you apply the following 3 types of treatments, morning and evening:

  • A complete cleansing (body and face)
  • A treatment using a toning product (serum, tonic, etc.)
  • A moisturizing treatment for which we recommend the use of an organic soap

After a few weeks, you can improve your skin care by adopting a 7-step program:

  • Gentle cleaning
  • Application of tonic lotion
  • Treatment of irritations with a soothing serum
  • Use of a moisturizer
  • Gentle treatment around the eyes
  • Application of day oil (CC Cream)
  • Sun protection during the day and scrub oil in the evening

Which products and ingredients should you choose for sensitive skin?

When you take care of your skin, whether for the face or the whole body, we strongly advise you to avoid industrial cosmetic products. Choosing a natural organic product gives you more security in the face of possible side effects. In addition, their natural properties guarantee a positive and rapid result. You can easily obtain it from our online store and benefit from free delivery from 49 € of purchases.

The treatment of sensitive epidermis must be done in an unctuous manner. If you want to treat the sensitivity of your skin tissues, we suggest using dermo components — natural cosmetics without allergens. These products have undergone synthetic chemical transformations to preserve their biological properties. So they are not likely to damage your skin.

Here is a list of ingredients and products that you should favor to treat skin sensitivity:

  • Donkey Milk

  • Shea Butter

  • Sweet Almond Oil

  • Honey Soaps

  • Aleppo Soap

  • Marseille soap

Which Plantes & Parfums soap recommends for facial skin?

Plantes & Parfums offers you a wide range of soaps for facial skin. We favor ingredients rich in vitamins to guarantee complete care while protecting your skin tissues.

In order to guarantee rapid treatment on your face, we recommend our Donkey Milk soaps. Donkey Milk has long proven itself in the culinary arts. It was used to replace breast milk or cow's milk. It is also renowned for its soothing properties and its high content of vitamin A, C, D and E. These are the reasons that led us to produce a soap based on Donkey Milk to treat skin sensitivity.

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