Why choose Natural Scented Candles?

natural-scented-candles-plant-scents Natural Scented Candles offer many benefits. Find out in this article why it is better to choose a Natural Scented Candle.

The main characteristics of Natural Candles

The making of Natural Scented Candles

The Candles are made from natural elements, such as 100% vegetable wax and a pure cotton wick. The pouring and installation of the cotton wick is done manually, candle by candle. In continuation of artisanal know-how, the covering is exclusively made by hand.

The perfume

The wax from the Candles is heated, mixed, then combined with the perfumes of Grasse . Vegetable wax is a wonderful diffusion medium. It allows the notes of the fragrance to be revealed with precision. The candles exude a natural, precise scent as well as great delicacy.

With a natural candle, there is no need for a special scent diffuser . Simply light your scented candle for it to play its role as a diffuser . It is also possible to create a special atmosphere in your home with these candles.

The diversity of scents will allow you to find the Candle that meets your expectations.


The subdued lighting of a candle can be more pleasant than that of harsh light. It can create intimacy, relax the atmosphere and soothe the people who benefit from this soft light.

The decoration

Natural Candles are real decorative objects. In fact, they are available in multiple colors. Thus, they can be combined with interior decoration according to the colors and style of your home.

The diversity of colors will give you several decoration ideas. Place your candles in specific locations and they will blend into the decor and demonstrate your delicacy and elegance.


  1. The different waxes that make up natural and artisanal candles

Natural and Artisanal Candles are made with wax of either plant or animal origin.


Beeswax is rich in nutrients and can be used for many purposes. It is rich in vitamin A, alcohol and fatty acids. It is an environmentally friendly product capable of purifying the air during combustion . So, a candle made with beeswax can help rid the air of toxic elements present.

For people with asthma or allergies, a beeswax scented candle is a very good option.

Vegetable wax

There are many plant materials used to make vegetable wax . We can cite rapeseed, palm, rice, soya, myrtle, cotton flower ... Vegetable waxes have the advantage of burning longer.

The beneficial effects of Natural Candles for the home

Natural Scented Candles have multiple health benefits. They can have a positive impact on physical and psychological well-being. Indeed, certain Natural Candles have particular scents which allow you to purify the interior of the house by improving the quality of the air and chasing away bad vibes.

Making the most of a scented candle

Some tips will be useful for you to make the most of your Natural Scented Candle.

  • Light and extinguish the Candle with care : when lighting a Natural Candle , care must be taken not to damage the wax. A gas lighter would therefore be more suitable than a lighter, because it allows the user to aim only at the wick . To extinguish the candle, you should use a candle snuffer.

  • Let the Candle burn for a long time : a candle must burn for a long time (minimum 1 hour 30 minutes) to allow the wax to liquefy on the surface. If this does not happen, a hollow may form around the wick and in this case, the candle will not be able to burn beyond this limit the next time it is used.

  • Cut the wick regularly : a wick that is too long creates poor combustion and can make it difficult to light your candle over time. So to avoid this problem and be able to enjoy your candle for a long time, you can cut the wick before each use. This will also prevent one side from burning faster than the other.

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