Which eau de toilette for a young girl?

eau-de-toilet-young-girl Do you want to give a perfume to a young woman ? But you don't know which eau de toilette to choose? Between the end of adolescence, self-development and the affirmation of one's personality, a young woman's perfume must represent her character , her emotions as well as her originality. Whether the young woman is discreet, gentle, reserved or assertive, independent, rebellious, or playful, the perfume must match her character. Since every woman is unique , it is appropriate to offer her a perfume that represents her and highlights her. Thanks to our little tips, you will certainly find the Plantes et Parfums product that is suitable for perfuming a young girl.

Choose an eau de toilette that reflects your personality

First of all, it is important to choose a scent that reflects the personality of the young woman. The first point to take into account is to match the eau de toilette to a person's character . If the young woman is a dynamic and daring person, do not hesitate to choose a product that is energetic and cheerful. In the same way, an emotional and reserved young woman will more likely wear mysterious scents or sensual scents such as our L'Heure Intense eau de toilette . A self-confident person can go for Frissons d’Agrumes eau de toilette . If you still have doubts about what might suit the person, rely on their tastes and preferences and you will have little chance of going wrong.

eau-de-toilet-young-girl Prefer sweet and delicious scents

Preferences change according to age; the tastes of young girls are not the same as those of a woman. Although there are no precise rules for choosing your perfume or for giving one, nevertheless, age is a good indicator of a person's preferences. Young girls are generally more attracted to sweet and sparkling scents such as Vanille Bohème . The latter seek to assert their personality and prove their qualities, although they are still linked to their childhood. A scent that unlocks their potential and defines their character is what is appropriate in most cases. For young women, you can go for gourmet , sweet and feminine scents. Eaux de parfum such as Sublime Mandarine or Volupté d’été , from Plantes et Parfums, go easily with young women. Usually, the older a woman gets, the more she abandons sweet accents for fresher and significantly more floral scents. Younger women will prefer the fruity and luminous notes represented by Grenade Hibiscus eau de toilette. You can vary between more or less playful fragrances or even opt for a more sophisticated eau de toilette, like our Gardenia Précieux eau de toilette .

Opt for a bold perfume

If the person has a strong character with frank and assertive tastes, do not hesitate to choose a spicy and bold eau de toilette . Tangy scents will be perfect, since they leave lively and spicy notes in their wake. A sensual and gentle young woman will prefer bright tones or floral scents. The Secret Rose of Plantes et Parfums is perfect for such a character. On the contrary, if it is of an independent nature, our Vanille Bohème eau de toilette is a good choice. As you will have understood, the ideal perfume for a young woman depends initially on her personality, her tastes, her preferences as well as her clothing style. Don't forget that a young woman is looking for self-affirmation , while still remaining attached to her childhood or adolescence. Focus more on sweet and gourmet scents that leave a fruity or tangy trail. Do not hesitate to consult our other articles if you need more information regarding perfumes, candles or cosmetics.


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