What are the different scents of home perfume?

interior-perfume-scents Home fragrance helps create a delicate atmosphere. Present and invisible, it becomes essential and provides a feeling of serenity and relaxation. With our selection of scents, you can adapt the atmosphere of your home according to your desires.

Our range of interior fragrances allows you to create a soft ambiance in each of your rooms. We let you discover them…

The different scents of perfume and well-being for the home

Essential for creating a personalized atmosphere in your interior, room fragrance will be perfect. The latter brings pleasant scents.

Made from natural ingredients, Plantes & Parfums home fragrances offer several variations of scents. Scented candles, pillow and cabinet mists, scented bouquets, aromatic flowers, essential oils and finally lavender sachets will offer relaxing and warm notes to your home.

candle-180g-delicacies Scented candles

Decorative object for an interior, scented candles combine fragrance and light. In addition to their decorative touch, candles provide a romantic, relaxing or comforting atmosphere and encourage cocooning. A flame combined with a sweet fragrance stimulates the senses and stirs up the most tender memories.

Scented candles come in several scents. These are made from natural ingredients and fragrances.

Pillow mists

Pillow mists are different from room fragrances, since the latter are entirely dedicated to being applied to fabrics. Delicate and refined, they are sprayed on the pillowcases to create a delicate ambiance before sleeping. Spray the Cotton Flower Pillow Mist a quarter of an hour before going to bed

Essential oils

In order to diffuse a gentle indoor fragrance, essential oils are used for their antibacterial properties and their relaxing properties. It only takes a few drops to purify, sanitize and perfume a room.

There are different types of essential oils and each has specific properties. It is therefore appropriate to use those which can be vaporized into the atmosphere. Lemongrass Essential Oil 10ml or Lavandin Essential Oil 10ml are recommended to be sprayed in the open air. For its calming and soothing properties which promote sleep, Lavender Essential Oil 10ml is fully recommended.

Home fragrance

The interior fragrance is refined. The latter is perfect for broadcasting in a room. A few drops of spray are necessary to chase away bad odors and perfume the house. Unlike candles, home fragrance is used occasionally. It can also be sprayed on textile materials such as sofas, curtains or even cushions.

Fragrant bouquet

Scented bouquets, for their part, bring a designer touch to your decoration. They also diffuse a pleasant scent into your interior.

Each room has its own scent

Each scent is suitable for a specific room. To better help you choose your fragrances, here are some practical tips.

In the office, favor room fragrances that promote concentration based on amber, leather, sandalwood or musk. These fragrances produce a stimulating and sweet smell that is perfect for a workspace.

In the bedroom, soothing fragrances such as orange blossom and lavender are recommended, in fact the latter promote sleep and relaxation.

In the living room, a floral scent is suitable for a pleasant and zen atmosphere.

For the entrance to your home, fruity and fresh notes are the perfect match.

Finally, for the kitchen, opt for sweet and gourmet scents.

In short, a delicate fragrance brings a pleasant and healthy touch to your interior.

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