What are the criteria for choosing the right scented candle?


Formerly used to light homes, candles are, today, almost exclusively decorative elements. However, they retain a special place in our homes where they provide soft light and, very often, a pleasant smell.

As such, natural scented candles are particularly popular products because they combine the aesthetics of a beautiful candle with the pleasant fragrances of delicate perfumes. The market for scented candles is vast and the novice in the field is often helpless when faced with this choice. If the smell and appearance of a candle are, obviously, important criteria to take into account, here are some other elements not to neglect when choosing the right scented candle.

The choice of fragrances

We exclusively use perfumes from Grasse created by the best “noses”. They are, in fact, particularly suitable for diffusing scents through candles.

In order to achieve consistent diffusion throughout the life of the candle, the fragrance must be mixed with the wax. When this is not the case and the fragrance is only deposited on the surface of the candle, it disappears within the first minutes of combustion. The candle quickly no longer smells anything. This is often the case with low-end candles, sold at a low price.

Natural scented candles offer various scents from which you can choose depending on your tastes, the seasons or the place where you wish to place them. Fragrances are classified into five categories:

  • woody and spicy fragrances, deep and intense, they create a sensual atmosphere in your interior;

  • floral perfumes, natural and fresh, give off a sweet smell of freshly cut flowers;

  • the fresh, sweet and relaxing scents encourage long naps in the shade of the trees or by the water;

  • the fruity and gourmet scents , sweet and sensual, bring a deliciously tasty touch;

  • powdery perfumes , delicate and refined, leave a pleasant and cocooning scent in their wake.

choose-scented-candle The origin of wax

The wax used to make a scented candle can be of mineral, vegetable or animal origin.

Mineral wax , also known as paraffin wax, comes from a complex crude oil refining process. When properly extracted, the paraffin wax thus obtained is very pure and its combustion presents no danger to health. This is why it is advisable to check its origin. Europe, the United States and Japan follow very strict standards and produce wax free from any toxicological risk.

Vegetable waxes represent, in our eyes, the best support for the manufacture of scented candles. Natural and ecological, vegetable waxes come from soya, rapeseed, rice or jojoba. They are free of toxic compounds (pesticides or herbicides) which gives them a prime place in the manufacture of quality candles. In addition, vegetable waxes have a very good olfactory rendering. They superbly reveal the fragrances of the perfumes with which they are mixed.

Animal wax is used very little these days. Indeed, the sperm whale or the whale, from which it comes, are protected species. Beeswax, for its part, is becoming rare and, in fact, is reserved for artisanal confections.

The quality of the wick

Supporting combustion, the candle wick must be chosen carefully. Neither too thin nor too thick and made from a suitable material.

The wick of a candle is used to bring the heat of the flame to the wax, so that it melts and diffuses its scent. In return, the wax feeds the flame through the wick which it soaks.

Once again, we will quickly move on to synthetic wicks which are not really compatible with the production of a quality, environmentally friendly candle.

Natural wicks, made from 100% cotton, are the ones we have chosen for the manufacture of our candles. Non-toxic, they ensure rapid ignition and constant combustion throughout the life of the candle.

In recent years, an alternative to cotton wicks has appeared on the market, wooden wicks. Compatible with all types of waxes, they help diffuse scents and bring an original touch to candles that crackle, like a wood fire.

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