Perfumed Candle 75g – Walk in the Snow

This plant based scented candle Walk In The Snow will delicately perfume your interior. Let yourself be tempted by a winter walk in the middle of nature, and breathe in what it offers you: Pine needles, Berries, Moss combine with sweet and honeyed notes of Orange, Mandarin and Cinnamon to offer you a unique scent.


All our candles are hand-poured in our workshops. They are made of 100% vegetable wax without kerosene, the wick of each candle is made of 100% cotton.


Natural candles made in Provence.


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Walk in the Snow Perfume 

Let yourself go on a walk in the snow to discover the wonders of winter. Breath Nature and what it offers you  : pine needles, berries, moss combined with sweet and honey notes of orange, mandarin and cinnamon to offer you a unique scent.


Olfactory Pyramid

pyramide olfactive

Head : Pine needles / Orange/ Nutmeg/ Mandarin

Heart : Bay Saint Thomas/ Cedar/ Cinnamon

Base : Moss/ Tonka bean/ Musc



A natural candle made by hand Our natural candles in 100% vegetable wax are handcrafted in our factory. The waxes used in our candles are only vegetable and rigorously selected for their qualities of combustion and diffusion. They are heated, mixed, then associated with perfumes of Grasse. The vegetable wax is a marvelous support of diffusion. It allows to reveal the notes of the fragrance with precision. Our candles exalt a natural, precise perfume as well as a great delicacy. The casting and the laying of the cotton wick is done manually, candle by candle. In the continuity of an artisanal know-how, the dressing is exclusively carried out with the hand.


Additional information

  • A burning time of approximately 15 hours.
  • A net weight of 75g / 2.06 oz
  • Price per kilogram of 113,33 €.
  • Made in Provence

Before lighting a scented candle, you will need to :

  • Remove the lid.
  • Cut the wick of the candle so that this one is a length of approximately 0,5 centimeters.
  • To put the scented candle on a stable surface and protected from the draughts.


For a first use, be sure to let the scented candle burn at least 2 hours, before extinguishing it, so that the wax on the surface is melted. It is recommended not to move the scented candle until the melted wax has completely solidified.

What is your scented candle made of ?

100% vegetable wax
Cotton wick
Walk In The Snow scent




Dangerous. Follow safety precautions. May produce an allergic reaction


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