Hand Cream Donkey’s Milk with Oat & Lily Extracts

Cleopatra already used to bathe in donkey’s milk in ancient Egypt to maintain her beauty and keep her skin looking young.

Donkey’s milk is rejuvenating because it firms the skin.

Made in Provence.


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Plantes et Parfums de Provence
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The rich and silky texture of this Hand Cream will soften, nourish and protect your hands.

Donkey’s milk together with Oat and Lily Extract soothe and soften skin, particularly sensitive skin.

A real protective care for your hands, with a delicate floral fragrance. 

Made in France

Price per Litre: 180.00€.


Apply a generous layer to the back and palms of your hands.

Then massage in circular motions so that the shea butter penetrates the upper layers of the skin. You can repeat the application at any time of the day.


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