Home Perfumes


Home perfumes to use as you want

A home perfume enables you to perfume all the rooms of your house to create a personalized atmosphere. The spray enables you to put your favorite perfume in the atmosphere with a simple gesture.
You can choose the intensity: a simple spraying to create a subtle and discreet scent, or several spraying in every corner of the room to refresh your home and vanish the bad smells.
A home perfume is your pleasant reflex when you go home. Read more …

A home perfume, your home signature

A home perfume is also the reflect of your personality: it harmonizes with your furniture and the colors of your home to create a unique atmosphere that belongs only to you.
Spicy and fruity fragrances that invites you to serenity in the most visited rooms like the kitchen or the saloon, or fresh and tonic scents for a clean sensation in the bathroom, you can choose the perfect scent to personalize the atmosphere of every room.
Spray towards the ceiling so the perfume will spread in all the space harmoniously.

A myriad of perfumes for a personalized atmosphere.

The range of home perfumes Plantes & Parfums, is a complete selection of refined, complex and exclusive fragrances made with delicate ingredients by our perfumers from Grasse.
The different scents offer you to create a perfumed atmosphere that looks like you. You can change these scents according to the seasons and your mood.
To delight your daily life or make your friends happy with an original and elegant gift, enjoy our home perfumes 100ml available in our e-shop.