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Our commitments


The Plantes & Parfums brand is part of the company Agapé, a French family-owned company, commited for more than 35 years, and driven by a conviction: the resources of nature are a source of enchantment. Agapé is, through 5 brands, Plantes & Parfums, Argandia, Finessence, L’Olive Bleue and Villa Flora, a story of commitments.
Ethical, social and environmental commitments.

“Provence is a magical place, unique in France and around the world. More than a region, it is in itself a place open to
all senses. Plantes & Parfums draws its inspiration from the vibrant bouquet of sensations and emotions
born out of the landscapes and seasons of Provence and elsewhere. Inspired by light, color and fragrance, our products are a
predisposition to the gentleness of Nature and the happiness of every moment. “

Delphine & David Lorenzi

Plantes & Parfums, is a story of commitment. Ethical, social and environmental commitments.
We are committed to develop the products
respecting these commitments and the consumer.

We believe in formula transparency. We think that a healthy formula can be just as effective, this is why we handpick the ingredients of our products to share only the best.


All of our products are made with a minimum of 85 to 90% of ingredients of natural origin. We want to guarantee the quality and safety of our products through a Natural charter.
All of our brands guarantee an important and essential naturality to us.


All of our products are made with a minimum of 90% ingredients of natural origin.

All of our brands guarantee significant naturality, which is essential to us.

  • Plantes & Parfums: more than 90% ingredients of natural origin
  • Argandia : more than 98% ingredients of natural origin
  • Finessence : more than 95% ingredients of natural origin
  • Villa Flora : more than 87% ingredients of natural origin


We are committed to avoid over-packaging and secondary packaging: elimination of non-recyclable plastic to 99% because we want to reduce their impact on the environment.

Through this charter, we are committed to optimize recycled cardboard for secondary, tertiary and grouping boxes. The same applies to primary and secondary packaging of any other nature.

We also promote imprim’vert and PEFC-labeled packaging, ensuring sustainable forest.


Our philosophy is based on ethics, social and respect for the environment. We are certified Fair For Life, a demanding label that guarantees fairness in its economic model, but not only.

It is also a commitment to respect human rights guaranteeing decent working conditions, respecting the environment, the biodiversity and the climate by implementing sustainable agricultural practices and actions for a sustainable local development adapted to local contexts.

Ethical, fair and respectful partnerships that create positive and sustainable changes for people and their environment.

Long-term partnerships, fair compensation and a better vision of opportunities for their future development.

Organizations and businesses engaging in respectful relationships, ensuring the right working conditions and the respect for the environment within and throughout their sectors.

Consumers can make their act of purchase an informed act, in accordance with their expectations.

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Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Provence. We are committed to eco-friendly sourcing. For this, we favor the short circuit through direct-producer trade, or by favoring a restricted number of intermediaries.

Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Provence. Inspire from Provence in Provence.


We are also committed to the well-being of animal species.
For example, our Donkey Milk products come from an organic farm. We are committed to ensuring that these raw materials come from farms that respect animals. In accordance with the regulations, we exclude animal testing. Agape also wishes to be a driving force in the survival of threatened species in our future projects.