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Who we are



For more than 35 years, Plantes & Parfums has been combining in the heart of Provence, the respect for the most traditional expertise and a commitment to the greatest respect of nature and people. Unprecedented brand of natural scents, perfumes and cosmetics, focused on the light and softness of perfumes to create real natural emotions.

The grace of nature that surrounds us, its lights, its perfumes inspire us throughout the seasons. Through our collections that awaken the senses, we have our heart set on restoring this intimate relationship with nature and thus contributing to an art of living around pleasure and well-being.


Plantes & Parfums draws its inspiration from the bouquet of sensations and
emotions born out of the landscapes of Provence and elsewhere.

Inspired by light, color and fragrance, our products are a
predisposition to the gentleness of Nature and the happiness of
every moment.

Provence is not only one of the most beautiful regions of France
known all over the world. It is at the heart of an art of living where nature becomes culture by
sublimating the earth and the light.

Verbena, Cotton Flower, Peony, Amber or Lavender are available through Scented
Candles, Frangrance Diffusers, Skin Cares, Perfumes for oneself that make moments and interior vibrate
of the same natural radiance.


All Plantes & Parfums products are designed and made from natural raw materials in our traditional factory in Sablet in the heart of Vaucluse, at the foot of Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux.

Each range of the brand reveals the softness and benefits of these natural resources highlighted by perfumers of Grasse.

Each object, each scent, each texture express a natural and bright art of living, dedicated to inner well-being, to the pleasure of the senses and to the beauty of the world.


A quality manufacturing method, in the respect of traditions.
Our candles are elaborated in a traditional way.

Each candle has a unique character. The waxes we use are only vegetable and rigorously selected for their qualities of combustion and diffusion. They are heated, mixed, then associated with perfumes of Grasse.


All our perfumes are invented and developed in collaboration with our master perfumers in
Grasse. Nature by its great richness is our major source of inspiration:
the perfumes of plants, flowers, natural extracts are associated in perfumes
refined and natural complexes.