Fragrance Diffusers


Our fragrance diffusers: the perfection to perfume your home

The Fragrance Diffusers create a pleasant olfactive atmosphere by spreading your favorite home perfumes that gives a true olfactive personality to your rooms.
The rattan sticks filled the perfume by capillary action and spread the aroma of perfum in the surrounding air. Read more …

An object practical as well as decorative

Sober and elegant, the diffusers not delight your sense of smell but their pretty round glass bottles also give a decorative style to your home thanks to their beautiful and refined design.
They are sustainable as well as economical. When the bottle is empty, you can buy a refill of perfumes and rattan sticks to fill it and enjoy it again.
Put your bottles at the human height in a frequented place, and in every room you want to, so that the perfume spreads in all the space. Do not hesitate to turn the rattan sticks regularly to reactive the spreading.

A myriad of perfumes is available

From the fresh and aromatic notes of the flower of fig tree to the sweet and powder aroma of flower cotton, our exclusives fragrances developed by our perfumers from Grasse are really delicate. Different as well as original, they will easily find their place in your home, whether in your living room or in your kitchen or office.
Discover all the range of our fragrance diffusers manufactured in Provence in 100ml bottles or 500ml prestige bottles in our e-shop.