Can you put cologne on your clothes?

FLAC_Montage_EDT_Intemporels_Fleur_De_Cerisier Why put toilet water on your clothes?

Wearing perfume is a daily pleasure . Diffusing a pleasant scent on yourself and spreading it around you allows you to start the day with pleasure. Wearing perfume means taking care of yourself but also of others.

Many people are loyal to their perfume or eau de toilette all their lives. Eau de toilette is less concentrated than perfume. Yes, eau de toilette can be put on your clothes without any problem.

Finding your favorite smell throughout the day can be reassuring. In a hostile environment, in a stressful work environment, personal perfume can be a source of comfort and well-being. Smelling your clothes, during moments of pause, can soothe or reassure.

In the morning, by putting on perfume, you can also perfume your clothes, especially the clothes you wear on your upper body: sweaters, shirts, shirt collars or turtlenecks.

clothes Some tips for putting cologne on your clothes

A perfume or eau de toilette does not react the same way on all skin. On clothes, normally, eau de toilette has more or less the same reaction.

However, you need to be careful about the detergent you use. In fact, most detergents are scented so that the laundry smells good. The ideal is therefore to use a lightly scented or neutral detergent if you then want to put toilet water on your clothes. You need to do compatibility tests between your clothes and your eau de toilette.

Above all, choose a single eau de toilette for the body and clothes. You should not perfume yourself with one perfume on your body and another on your clothes. The mixtures would be too hazardous.

You should also not change your eau de toilette too often. If you are loyal to a particular eau de toilette, there is no problem. But if you change them often, it is advisable to wash your clothes well. Indeed, the scent of eau de toilette can withstand machine washing. Some perfumes really soak into fabrics and the smell persists after washing. So it is better not to put any cologne on your clothes for a while if you plan to change your cologne.

If you are a smoker, also avoid spreading your eau de toilette on clothes or accessories worn the day before and saturated with the smell of tobacco. The cleanliness of clothes is essential before perfuming them.

Precautions are necessary

You should not stress too much on the volume you spray. In fact, wearing too much perfume can have the opposite effect than what you want. Some people around you may be sensitive to certain smells. If you work in a crowded environment, spray your clothes lightly.

You should not use eau de toilette on the clothes of babies and young children. In fact, they often chew or suck on their clothes. Toilet water can be toxic to them or cause allergies.

Some eau de toilette color fabrics. Be careful to check beforehand on a small surface upside down for example. Some eau de toilette can mark white clothes. You should also avoid exposing clothing soaked in toilet water to the sun.

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