Scented Candle


Our natural and 100% plant-based wax

Our natural candles are manufactured in the artisanal method of the master chandlers. They are poured and made by hand, which gives a unique character to each candle. They are composed by a 100% plant-based wax that is a noble and natural ingredient that reveals all the fragrances’ notes. They spread their delicate perfumes to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. We offer you a myriad of perfumes developed by our perfumers from Grasse so you will be able to choose which perfume fit you better. Read more …

Candles to personalize your interior

If the perfumed candle is ideal to create a well-being atmosphere, is also a precious decorative accessory to make the atmosphere you dream of. Recreate the warm spirit of Christmas with some notes of orange and cinnamon, choose the fresh scent of a lavender bouquet to refresh your bathroom, or surprise your lover with the vanilla aroma for a romantic dinner.
Our perfumes will answer all of your wishes! So, let speak your creativity.

A complete offer for all the tastes

With the perfumed candles Plantes & Parfums, you will have a lot of surprises.
Each of them has a unique character and promise you to enjoy a real moment of relaxation, for yourself or to share with your family. Discover new olfactive sensations through our complete range of scents: spicy and woody, floral, fruity and sweet or powder. Our natural candles manufactured in Provence are handmade in a traditional way with a 100% plant-based wax, pure cotton wicks and delicate fragrances developed by our perfumers from Grasse. To make your family and friends happy or enjoy yourself, our perfumed candles are available in 180g or 75g in our e-shop.

Our perfumed candles: an invitation to relax

After a long day at work, you finally get home. It is the moment to liberate you from all the daily stress and to start the night by your favorite cocooning ritual.
Light a candle, close your eyes and let the magic happens… Feel the soothing flame warms you, its sweet light comforts you and its delicate smell invades slightly the room.